| Monday May 30th 2016

Anon posts pic of himself doing drugs at work to 4chan. Another anon examines EXIF meta-data which contains GPS coords that point to White House

The elevation in the file is listed as 49m (160ft) above sea level. The white house is only ~17m (59ft) above sea level. To my knowledge the white house is not 100ft tall so something is fishy here…

However, bear in mind that: A) GPS altitude is notoriously inaccurate at the best of times and B) iPhone’s are prone to substitute A-GPS data (which is often, but not always, the location of the Cell the phone’s connected to) if a fix from the on-board GPS can’t be achieved.

Personally, I’d be more inclined to believe it’s tampered evidence myself, but I thought this worth pointing out.

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