| Saturday May 28th 2016

Anonymous Spread The Bank of America “Corruption and Fraud” Mortgage Practices

Anon has posted a series of emails which were claimed to be sent by a former employee of Bank of America, and involving an insurance company working closely with Bank of America. The emails reveal the practices done by Bank of America which are claimed to be disingenuous and fraudulent.

Anonymous Uncle SamThe employee is said to had worked with Balboa Insurance Group for 7 years. Among all, he mentions about the “forced-place insurance” involving Bank of America (and other major banks) and Balboa regarding mortgage loan. He also mentions that he got fired because of telling his boss that he had seen errors in the system, referring to insurance tracking system showing unmatched loan records with their documents. The errors were then deliberately removed from the records.

The anonymous employee also said that everyone works at Bank of America is so scared that they couldn’t stand up on their own to say that there’s something wrong.

In a statement to response the airing emails, Bank of America spokesman said on Sunday that the emails are simply clerical and administrative errors.

The emails are on the site BankofAmericaSuck.com and Twitter, starting online today.

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