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HOWTO: Install Apple iPhone Themes like Stereo’s Leopard Theme using SummerBoard

SummerBoard is an extension to the iPhone’s SpringBoard user experience. SummerBoard adds a variety of useful and fun features to your iPhone, including scrolling icons, wallpaper and themes!

iPhone/iPod Touch 1.1.1 alpha release available!

If you’ve upgraded to firmware 1.1.1, for now you will need to install SummerBoard manually from the link below. Follow the instructions in the included INSTALL file. The file linked below will always be the latest alpha release. This build works on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Download SummerBoard Alpha for Firmware 1.1.1

Where do I get it?

SummerBoard is available from AppTapp’s Installer, simply install AppTapp onto your iPhone (if you haven’t yet) and install the SummerBoard package! Download Stereo’s Leopard Theme here.

What does it look like?

Technically, whatever you want it to look like — but here is a screenshot of Stereo’s Leopard Theme:

How do I make iPhone themes?

SummerBoard themes are designed to be easy to make — here’s all you need to know to make a theme (or more) of your own:

SummerBoard themes reside on your iPhone in the folder below:


You have a folder per theme in there, with the following structure:

ThemeName/StatusBar.png - Status bar image (optional, 320x20 PNG, alpha)
ThemeName/Wallpaper.png - The wallpaper (320x480 PNG, no alpha)
ThemeName/Dock.png - The dock image for the large dock (320x91 PNG, alpha)

Then your icons (optional, 59×60 PNG, alpha) go in:


Name them as such:

Phone.png Text.png iPod.png Clock.png etc...

When saving your graphic files be sure to use Adobe Photoshop’s “Save for Web & Devices” function (or something similar). This can reduce icon sizes from ~65kb down to ~10kb for example. Optimizing your graphics is very important, It saves server bandwidth, air time for the user and space on the user’s iPhone.

Also, take note that SummerBoard has various appearance settings in its Advanced section of SMBPrefs — you can use them to your advantage — for example, try out “Solid StatusBar” — you’ll see what I mean.

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