| Thursday May 26th 2016

Steve Jobs defends conditions at Chinese factory where 10 workers have jumped off the roof

Apple factory safety netsWow, they had to build a net around the whole damn building. LOL.

Apple boss Steve Jobs has spoken out for the first time about a string of suicides at one of the firm’s Chinese factories.

Since January this year 10 young workers have killed themselves by jumping from the roof of the factory building at Foxconn in southern China.

Jobs today described the worker’s deaths as ‘troubling’ but insisted that the factory ‘is not a sweatshop’.

‘We’re trying to understand right now, before we go in and say we know the solution.’ But Mr Jobs defended the conditions at the factory.

‘You go in this place and it’s a factory but, my gosh, they’ve got restaurants and movie theatres and hospitals and swimming pools. For a factory, it’s pretty nice,’ he said.


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