| Friday May 27th 2016

Eee Monitor shots reveal Linux-based iMac rival

ASUS’ Eee Monitor today has been captured in official photos that confirm the system to be the company’s direct answer to the iMac, according to LAPTOP. The all-in-one computer confirms earlier teaser photos and reveals a design that appears influenced by Apple’s Cinema Displays and aluminum iMac computers, with an easel-like stand and backmounted ports; unlike either device, however, it should have side-mounted USB ports, a card reader, and a Denon-made stereo speaker system on the front. The system is also known to have dual Ethernet jacks as well as six total USB ports, and both audio inputs and outputs for outside sources; like the iMac, a webcam is built into the lid. An integrated TV tuner is reported to be part of the design, which is thought to have either a 19- or 20-inch widescreen LCD.

Previous reports have confirmed that the Eee Monitor will aim at a largely different price and audience than the iMac thanks to its belonging to the Eee PC line: the system is believed to center on Linux rather than Windows and use a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor that will both drop the system’s total price to just $500 and help pitch the Monitor as an eco-friendly PC thanks to an extremely low power draw.

ASUS is currently believed to be readying the system for launch in September and may debut the all-in-one alongside the Eee PC 904 HD.


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