| Friday May 27th 2016

EeeRotate Orients Your Laptop Screen for Easy Reading

With the proliferation of lightweight and wide-screen notebooks, it was only a matter of time before someone realized that they make decent e-book readers when they’re sideways. eeerotateEeeRotate makes swapping orientation easy.

Once installed, the tiny application rotates your screen and trackpad input using keyboard shortcuts. CTRL+ALT+RIGHT rotates your screen and touchpad input 90 degrees clockwise, CTRL+ALT+UP returns it to normal. Interestingly, in our tests EeeRotate would rotate the touchpad input, but not the input from the USB mouse plugged into the laptop.

The navigation wasn’t difficult using either one of them, and you’d likely not have an external mouse plugged in if you were using it as an e-book reader, but it’s worth noting. Next time you find yourself reading lengthy documents on your wide screen laptop or netbook, EeeRotate can help you take advantage of your expansive screen space. EeeRotate is freeware, Windows only.


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