| Saturday May 28th 2016

America’s Biggest Rip-offs

Text messages – 6,500% markup

Text messages are short, quick and cheap to transmit. So why are they adding so much to your wireless bill?

The messages are such a tiny piece of data that they cost carriers only about one-third of a cent to deliver, according to computer scientist Srinivasan Keshav, who testified before U.S. senators on the issue last summer.

But on a pay-per-text plan, the 160-character messages typically cost 20 cents outgoing and 10 cents incoming. That’s a markup of as much as 6,500%. OMG!

The others? Check them out after the jump…

  • Movie theater popcorn – 900% markup
  • “Free” credit reports that’ll cost you
  • Name-brand painkillers – 60% markup
  • Wine at restaurants – 500% markup
  • College textbooks – $900 a year!
  • Super gasoline – 15% markup
  • Hotel mini-bars – 1,300% markup
  • Hotel in-room movies – 200% markup


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