| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Why Whitehats Need to Know Blackhat SEO

Whitehat SEO, while not at a standstill, is certainly feeling a pinch from Google lately. Penalties are being handed out to sites much like a fratboy would cups of beer to the only attractive girl at the party. And yet many still refuse to learn anything remotely blackhat. I understand that they don’t want to implement the tactics specifically that I talk about, but there’s a lot more to it, and a lot that can be learned. So without further delay….

Some Great Reasons that a Whitehat SEO should Learn Blackhat SEO

  1. Blackhat SEO can be used as a Mindset, not Necessarily a Set of Tactics
    Blackhat SEO, in my opinion, is thinking outside the box in your internet promotions, regardless of Google’s thoughts. Are they frowned upon? Yeah. They are. But thinking of tactics that are against Google’s TOS take only a little bit of tweaking to become a truly killer tactic.
    Take a look at this thread from experts-exchange. It looks like all the answers can’t be seen, correct? But then scroll wayyy to the bottom. Past the “Sign up today”, past the menu. And there are the answers. Here’s reality people: That is a tiny modification on cloaking. And yet it (apparently) is within Google’s terms of service. How Much do you think that increased their sales, and how many longtail hits do you think they get a day from the data that’s towards the bottom? I’ll give you a hint. The number probably has a lot of zeros on the end of it.
  2. You Shouldn’t Forget About Us, because We Won’t Forget about You
    Just because you ignore blackhat SEO doesn’t mean we’re ignoring you. While I like to piss off as few people as possible during my SEO adventures, many don’t have that scruple. As soon as you release a tool, be aware that people are going to look for a way to mess with that. I’ve actually seen people successfully create sitelinks that link to a competitor’s product plug without doing anything illegal or editing a single file.
  3. Blackhat SEO Learns Search Engine Rules Insanely Fast
    Ok. Blackhat sites are typically a hyperbole of whitehat sites. Everything is more. More speed, more pages. Extremely good, or extremely bad links. Identical anchor text, or purposefully randomized anchor text. Many internal links, or none at all. And you control these variables. It’s truly incredible for research, and finds the “breaking points” much faster than most whitehat sites. If you don’t want to do it yourself, just listening to what people have to say is an incredible learning tool.
  4. Like it or Not, We’re Ranking
    You’re going to want to know and understand what a competitor is doing. Many people quite frankly suck at spotting even the most basic of tricks. Thought obviously I won’t advise you report anyone, it’s still good to know what you’re up against.
  5. Tired of Paying for Backlinks? Find the fresh ‘n free ones.
    Remember when the concept of do-follow flickr links still existed and worked? If that time period was only a week long, it’s because you weren’t watching blackhats closely enough. I’m constantly amazed when I examine heavily spammed search engine result(think viagra, phentermine) the number of authority links that exist, and where they came from. I’m not talking about the illegal hacking ones either. In many cases, they’re not even blackhat necesarilly, and they’re free for the taking.
  6. Learn What you Can Get Away With
    Ever seen an obviously blackhat site ranking for a long period of time, and wondered “Why the hell is that still ranking?”. Well, if it’s been their for awhile chances are that for whatever reason Google’s autodetection schemes haven’t figured out how to nail it yet. I wouldn’t advise using their exact strategy in case things go awry, but water it down a bit and you may just have yourself a winning strategy. As always though when trodding the gray line, a new, non-client site is a good move.


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