| Wednesday June 1st 2016

BlackBerry data service issues being reported by users

Blackberry BBM outage

Lots of reports have been coming in over the past few hours of BlackBerry Messenger service being on the fritz. You’ll sometimes get a check mark on a sent message, but not the D or the R signifying that the message has been delivered and read. Some users seem to be unaffected. For others, some of the messages are getting through and others are not (as shown above – they received two of the six messages I sent, yet I have yet to receive confirmation of him actually reading them). We’re starting to get reports from some people that it’s coming back up for them… let’s see how this goes.

Update 1: OK, preliminary word coming in is that it’s a partial outage affecting North American carriers: BlackBerry Messenger and things like the web browser and apps that use a data connection. Email seems ok though. And it seems not all carriers and not all subscribers are affected.

Update 2: BlackBerry data is no more. No emails, no web browsing, no BlackBerry messenger for it’s North American users. Estimated time for a fix to come through is 3 hrs to a day, yes..a day.


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