| Wednesday May 25th 2016

Brian McCarty’s book of art toy photos

Brian McCarty: Art-Toys

We’ve featured Brian McCarty’s terrific toy photography many times here. He’s a master at setting a perfect scene and using just the right perspective to trick me into thinking that the strange vinyl characters on my shelf come alive when I’m not looking. Brian’s photos are now collected in a wonderful hardcover book appropriately titled Art-Toys.

The book includes more than 100 photos, each on its own page, featuring toys designed by Mark Ryden, Gama-Go, Frank Kozik, FriendsWithYou, Tim Biskup, Amanda Visell, Attaboy, and dozens of other artists. Our pal Douglas Rushkoff wrote the intro. I really dig the back-of-the-book “behind-the-scenes” snapshots that reveal the time, detail, and love that goes into every one of Brian’s photos.

Art-Toys by Brian McCarty

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