| Tuesday May 24th 2016

“How I got a blank book to the top of the Amazon charts”

Four points:

  1. He already had a successful career selling novelty items.
  2. This book is a novelty item.
  3. He was able to order 1,000 copies.
  4. He could afford to hire a (pretty famous) PR firm.

Shed Simove

Now, most authors would delight at this news, and of course I most certainly was thrilled, but in my case, the book in question was a little bit different to other books. And that’s why my jubilation was, well, let’s say, mixed in with a healthy dose of disbelief and abject bewilderment. Because, my book, entitled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex is completely and utterly blank.

That’s right, you read that correctly, my book contains two hundred pages and each one has absolutely nothing printed on it.

Lesson: self-publishing is easy if you already have money. That is, if you have money it’s easy to make money.

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