| Tuesday May 24th 2016

A wonderful Where’s Waldo-ish biodiversity book for little ones

Spot It bookI have to say that I’m really quite enamored by Delphine Chedru’s book, Spot It! Find the Hidden Creatures. The art is pretty mesmerizing, especially with the hide and seek factor involved (the book has 14 hidden animals and one farm girl). As well, a lot of it, I reckon would look pretty good on fabric, on walls, on my computer desktop. See some examples after the jump.

These are a bit tricky at first glance. The backgrounds are beautiful though for their own sake. I’ll bet the book itself will have a few that will stump me.

As for seek ‘n find types of books, I always recommend one of my favorite childhood books by Hilary Knight. “Where’s Wallace” is a great piece of work on more than one level, and it came out more than two decades before Wally/Waldo/Whatchamacallit.

Find the bee:
Spot It: find the bee

Find the owl:
Spot It : find the owl

Spot It! Find the Hidden Creatures

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