| Tuesday May 31st 2016

The Homeland Directive: Taut technothriller for the paranoid era

The Homeland DirectiveRobert Venditti and Mike Huddleston’s stand-alone graphic novel The Homeland Directiveis a tight, suspenseful technothriller (in Bruce Sterling’s definition of the term: “a science fiction story with the president in it”). Mysterious government spooks are hunting a pair of CDC epidemiologists. One is murdered, the other, Dr Laura Regan, is framed for a variety of crimes and barely escapes in the company of rogue spooks who spirit her away to a safe house. The story that unfolds — a plot to terrorize America into accepting an otherwise unthinkable authoritarian rule in the name of fighting terrorism — is taut, filled with great spycraft and action sequences. A great, paranoid read for the modern age.

The Homeland Directive

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