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Banksy Recent Residency in New York 2013

Skooba Laptop Weekender Travel Bag. An awesome carry-on bag for gadget lovers.

I go somewhere on a plane at least twice a month. For over ten years I’ve used a Briggs & Riley roller carry-on, and I’ve been fairly happy with it. It’s heavy for its small size and the zipper pulls all broke off (I made replacements from binder clips and Sugru) so I’ve been keeping my eye out for a replacement. After hearing great [...]

Electric Amphibious Drink Delivery Vehicle

Electric Amphibious Drink Delivery Vehicle

What’s a pool party without an amphibious RC vehicle designed for delivering drinks on land or down to the deep end? "With a push of a button, it transforms from sea craft to rugged, 4-wheeled land vehicle. While in land mode, the wheel wells can be used to hold up to four beverage cans. Plus, an on-board water cannon can blast a stream of [...]

Remixable video of Norway’s four seasons from a train

Eirik Solheim is an amazing geek and CC activist at NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster. He writes, "We filmed a train ride four times. One time for each season; winter, spring, summer and autumn. Then we used an accurate GPS-track to sync the four videos using some clever programming in combination with after effects. Giving us endless [...]

iPhone case allows you to take photos with phone held horizontally

iPhone case allows you to take photos with phone held horizontally

The MirrorCase for the iPhone lets you take photos while holding the phone flat, like an old-times camera. It seems like a good way to shoot video of yourself, too - just set it on a table and do your thing. At $50, it's a bit pricey. I wonder if there's a D.I.Y. version? (I think this is the gizmo used to secretly tape Mitt Romney declaring that [...]

StickNFind – Bluetooth powered ultra small location stickers

Ultra small Sticker with Bluetooth Low Energy, that you can stick on your stuff, and use your smartphone to find them. Now this is a start-up I can get behind... Stick-N-Find stickers have a buzzer and light, so that you can find stuff also in the dark. Stick-N-Find Stickers have a Range of about 100 Feet, with a Battery that lasts for over [...]

The Maybach From the “Otis” Video Up for Auction in NYC

The Maybach From the “Otis” Video Up for Auction in NYC

Need something to take to the Hamptons this summer? The 2004 Maybach 57 from Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Otis" will be up for auction at Phillips de Pury & Company in New York on the evening of March 8th, with all proceeds going to Save the Children. Estimates say the chopped and screwed ride should be selling in the $100-150k range, which is a [...]

Interactive “Starry Night” adds a touch of movement

Petros Vrellis created this interactive, animated version of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, where the viewer can send impressions swirling with a touch.

Driving the Alps: A BMW 335is European Delivery Trip

"The goal was simple: an Ultimate driving experience. 1000 miles of twisty and windy driving nirvana, the scenic Alps across Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, all spread out over 10 days of pure Bliss. This is a compilation of a few drives and mountain passes on my 335is immediately after I picked it up via the European Delivery [...]

Avicii – Super Mario World Levels


D.Veloped – Work:Party mashup

D.Veloped – Work:Party mashup

I had to exclude this from the standard posts for the simple reason that it deserves its own post. Mad respect to D.Veloped on this one, I know this must have taken some serious time. This is a 40 minute mashup mix spanning across all genres. This guy sure is good at what he does, download and enjoy.

Why tornadoes and hailstorms are more common during the workweek

Why tornadoes and hailstorms are more common during the workweek

A new study suggests that in the summertime, tornadoes and hailstorms in the eastern US occur significantly more often during the middle of the week. Why? There's more pollution during the workweek due to commuting and other factors. From National Geographic... (more…)

An easier-to-build solar cell

Solar cells are not easy to build, but a new technology from Notre Dame could, someday, change that. It involves a nanoparticle paste made from t-butanol, water, cadmium sulfide and titanium dioxide. Here, you watch the process of constructing a solar cell this way and see why it could be easier and cheaper than current options. The downside: [...]

FighterJet + GoPro = Awesome

GoPro's are becoming my new favorite toy.

Tom Cruise at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The actor has been snapped perched precariously on a box at the very top of the 829m (2,723ft) Burj Khalifa in Dubai dressed in a grey T-shirt and jeans. Daredevil Cruise was so carefree he wasn't even wearing any shoes. And if you're starting to doubt the authenticity of the photo, a video has been released showing Cruise casually sitting [...]

Avicii – Levels

Rollercoaster staircase

Rollercoaster staircase

This awesome rollercoasteroid staircase is underway in Germany... The walkable, large outdoor sculpture Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain is currently in construction on the Heinrich Hildebrand Höhe in Duisburg Wanheim (D). It overtops the plateau with the artificially heaped-up mountain by 21m | 23yd so the visitor can rise by more than 45m [...]

60-Second Adventures in Thought

Although, GPS does not use special relativity in it's function - it has to account for it in order to function - If special relativity did not exist, gps would still be possible.

Address Is Approximate

Using stop-motion animation and imagery from Google Maps Street View, director Tony Jenkins provides a look at how a lonely desk toy manages to escape his confined world and take a cross country drive to the Pacific coast. (more…)

The Seven Deadly Online Sins

The Seven Deadly Online Sins

6 extremely well known websites, and then Seamless... Viral ad campaign maybe? I can see it now... "Hey boss, I have this idea for a new viral campaign! This is going to be huge! By the way, how do you feel about associating your brand and customers with blatant gluttony?" "Sounds good to me. Just make sure you don't use our name or reveal [...]

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