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“Dumb And Dumber 2” confirmed by Peter Farrelly

“Dumb And Dumber 2” confirmed by Peter Farrelly

Dumb And Dumber 2 has been confirmed to shoot in September. Co-director Peter Farrelly has revealed plans for a follow-up to the hit 1994 comedy about the cross-country adventures of two intellectually-challenged friends. But he insisted that the new film will be the first true sequel. He told ComingSoon.net: "We're getting set to shoot Dumb [...]

Sexy Jenni in a 1250whp Underground Racing Lamborghini

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I Figured Out Ice Cube’s “GOOD DAY”

CLUE 1: "went to short dogs house, they was watching Yo MTV RAPS" Yo MTV RAPS first aired: Aug 6th 1988 CLUE 2: Ice Cubes single "Today Was a Good Day" released on: Feb 23 1993 CLUE 3: ”The Lakers beat the Super Sonics” Dates between Yo MTV Raps air date AUGUST 6 1988 and the release of the single FEBRUARY, 23 1993 where the [...]

Bowling in un programma argentino

The President Of Russia Has Cheerleaders (Because Why Wouldn’t He?)

The President Of Russia Has Cheerleaders (Because Why Wouldn’t He?)

Aw, if you thought the unnecessary call for attractive females was done today, then you, my friends, just don’t know me very well. Allow me to introduce Medvedev’s Girls, an organization of females in Russia that has pledged its undying devotion to the country’s president, Dmitry Medvedev. That’s right, Russia’s president has a group of [...]

Android Dreams: Time-lapse Tokyo Homage to Blade Runner

Samuel Cockedey created this lovely short, and explains... This is a tribute to Ridley Scott and Vangelis, whose work on Blade Runner has been a huge source of inspiration in my shooting time lapses. Please watch in HD with sound on! Shot over a year in Tokyo with a Canon 5dmk2, mainly in the Shinjuku area. Music: "Main Titles" and "Blush [...]

Kanye and Jay-Z destroy a Maybach

Cops give out $1870 tickets for illegally using handicap placard

650+ hp Ariel Atom

99 Foot Rope Swing

One man, Mike Wilson, a 99 foot rope, and a quadruple back flip. Amazing.

Terminator 2 Is Still Amazing as Hand-Drawn Animation

In today's edition of "Ohh shit, I'm getting old" Terminator 2 turns 20 on July 3rd. To temper the blow, here's an offensively cool video by the band Rymdreglage celebrating one of the great nerd films of all time.

Vice speaker of Ukrainian Parliament “throttles” deputy

Vice speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, Adam Martynyuk, on the right, throttles deputy Oleg Lyashko during a session in the chamber of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev on Wednesday, May 18, 2011. According to reports, Lyashko had just asked Martynyuk to let him make a speech, which Martinyuk refused to do on procedural grounds. Lyashko then [...]

Circus One Presented By Doctor P & Flux Pavilion

Incredible video of Aurora Borealis

Norwegian landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd spent one week around Kirkenes and the Norway-Russia border, in -25 Celsius temperature, to make this magnificent time-lapse video of the Aurora Borealis.

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik schools a mullah about Islam

Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress who appeared on the very popular Indian TV show Bigg Boss (the Indian version of Big Brother). In the clip above, a mullah tells her she brought shame on Pakistan with her behavior on the show, and that 100% of Pakistanis agree with him. The mullah also admits he didn't watch the show himself, but knows all [...]

Top 10 Charlie Sheen quotes

Top 10 Charlie Sheen quotes

A summary of the most bizarre and outlandish statements uttered by Charlie Sheen over the past few days. 1. "I got tiger blood, man. My brain...fires in a way that is - I don't know, maybe not from this particular terrestrial realm." 2. "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your [...]

An informative video about the Honey Badger

I found this video about the Honey Badger to be very educational. (NSFW)

Three Kenyan men steal meat from 15 lions like a BOSS!

The look on the first lions face when it returned to the kill was excellent.

AI vs. IQ: IBM’s Watson takes on the meatbags on Jeopardy

This week on "Jeopardy!," various champions of the popular television game show face off against the new IBM computer, Watson, which was developed to compete in human brain games. It's not a supercomputer, per se--some TV show hosts and bloggers have misidentified it as such--but it is a very interesting application of AI. (more…)

Horse head masks back in stock at Amazon

Horse head masks back in stock at Amazon

This mask imbues the wearer with super-human abilities. The power to make everyone around you feel akward and uncomfortable being first among them. After wearing the mask for several days my identity was consumed and replaced. There is only the horse now. Best purchase I ever made. Horse Head Mask

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