| Friday May 27th 2016

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Rand Paul On Fox: There’s A Day Of Reckoning Coming

GQ: Woman claims to have been kidnapped by Rand Paul and forced to take bong hits

GQ: Woman claims to have been kidnapped by Rand Paul and forced to take bong hits

GQ quotes an anonymous woman who claims to have been kidnapped and forced to take bong hits during her college years by Tea Party spokesperson Rand Paul. He and Randy came to my house, they knocked on my door, and then they blindfolded me, tied me up, and put me in their car. They took me to their apartment and tried to force me to take bong [...]

Rand Paul’s Victory Speech – May 18, 2010

Rand Paul hit with sleazy attack ad

It didn’t take long after getting Dick Cheney’s endorsement for Trey Grayson to start wallowing in the mud: Six weeks out from the Kentucky Republican primary for Senate, Secretary of State Trey Grayson and ophthalmologist Rand Paul are in a pitched battle over that most touchy of political subjects: the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, [...]

Rand Paul: “Democrats hate individual responsibility.”

Rand Paul’s Guerilla Campaign

Rand Paul’s Guerilla Campaign

The MSM are admitting that Ron Paul’s son is on track to win the Republican senatorial nomination in Kentucky, which means the US senate seat.

Rand Paul Money Bomb TODAY!

Spread the word! Today is the day, now is the time. Please visit RandPaul2010.com and donate as much as you can to Dr. Rand Paul's 2010 Senate run. Just for fun Check out the list of Top Donors to Congress from 1989-2008. Funny how many of these groups have been in financial trouble the last couple of years. Also of honorable mention... [...]