| Saturday March 28th 2015


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Ron Paul wants to expropriate RonPaul.com from his supporters without compensation

Ron Paul wants to expropriate RonPaul.com from his supporters without compensation

Earlier today, Ron Paul filed an international UDRP complaint against RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org with WIPO, a global governing body that is an agency of the United Nations. The complaint calls on the agency to expropriate the two domain names from his supporters without compensation and hand them over to Ron Paul. On May 1st, 2008 we launched [...]

The CIA Exposes the Truth About Ron Paul

Ron Paul we need you in 2012!

Donald Trump debate: “beneath the office of the Presidency”

Donald Trump debate: “beneath the office of the Presidency”

Ron Paul's campaign announced Saturday that Paul won't participate in the planned NewsMax debate moderated by Donald Trump, and campaign chairman Jesse Benton pulled no punches in explaining the decision... “The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the [...]

Ron Paul’s interview on Face The Nation

Congressman Paul held himself well against the interviewer's obvious attempt to discredit.

Ron Paul on healthcare @ CNN Tampa Debate

Allow people to practice what they want?!? this guy's crazy... We don't know what we want!

New Ron Paul Ad: Trust

Ron Paul: Americans will riot when their entitlements run out.

Ron Paul: Why The Young Flock To An Old Idealist

Ron Paul: Why The Young Flock To An Old Idealist

Go to any Ron Paul event and it strikes you immediately: What's up with all the young people? The 75-year-old Texas congressman packs halls on college campuses. His campaign volunteers often look too young to shave. And even at a recent New York City book signing, it's surprising how many teenagers and 20-somethings are lined up for an [...]

RON: Legacy

RON: Legacy


Ron Paul Asks Ben Bernanke: How Do You Define a Dollar?

The true definition of a dollar should be an IOU for gold of silver in the amount listed on the bill. If money is not backed up by any type of commodity then your going to have a problem. This limits the amount of money the government, or a private bank can print. You cant have more dollars then there is gold. Ron Paul explains this to village [...]

Ron Paul questions Hillary Clinton on supporting and propping up dictators

She completely ignores everything he says. Ugh.

Ron Paul Makes Special Request Of Wikileaks

Republican Congressman Ron Paul may be Julian Assange's most loyal supporter in Congress. Visiting Fox Business' Freedom Watch (a program on which Assange has been welcome several times) Rep. Paul went to bat for the Wikileaker in the middle of condemning the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, and made a little request of his own: "every conversation [...]

Ron Paul: Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airlines

Ron Paul’s Anti-TSA Legislation


Barack Obama Gets An Unlikely Defender: Ron Paul

Barack Obama Gets An Unlikely Defender: Ron Paul

Texas Congressman Ron Paul thinks that the media and the public are being too hard on President Obama for his response to the Gulf Oil Spill... Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican lawmaker from Texas, said that people were expecting too much from the president in his ability to react to the ongoing spill into the Gulf. “I’m a [...]

Ron Paul on Israeli flotilla raid

Whoa. He just said outright, that Karzai is a puppet whose election was rigged by our intelligence agencies. Eek.

Ron Paul: “Outraged” over Fed audit vote

Ron Paul: “Outraged” over Fed audit vote

After the Senate rejected the tougher version of an ‘Audit the Fed’ bill, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), who’s been pushing for an audit of the nation’s central bank and money printer since the 70s, lashed out on Facebook. "I am outraged. The Senate just voted down the Vitter Amendment and against a real audit of the Federal Reserve." wrote [...]

Ending the Fed From the Bottom Up

Ending the Fed From the Bottom Up

Since its inception, the U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary policies have led to a decline of over 95% in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. As a result, there have been several attempts to curtail or eliminate the Federal Reserve’s powers (for example, the efforts of Rep. Louis T. McFadden in the 1930s; the efforts of Rep. Wright Patman in [...]

Ron Paul’s “What If?” Remastered

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