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Euler’s Identity is said to be the most beautiful theorem in mathematics

Euler’s Identity is said to be the most beautiful theorem in mathematics

Gauss is reported to have commented that if this formula was not immediately apparent to a student on being told it, the student would never be a first-class mathematician. "It is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don't know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth." - Benjamin [...]

Ron Paul’s Passionate Speech on the Auto Bailout

A true hero in a sinking ship. It is so sad that this once mighty republic is going out with a whimper. I'd like to think we can turn it around and I'll go down in a rain of fire defending it, but it doesn't look real good. He brings up some interesting points, but the one I found downright scary is the nationalization of industries, because it [...]

Barry Cooper’s KopBusters Reality Series

Like Mark Draughn, I've been somewhat skeptical of Barry Cooper, the former drug cop turned pitchman for how-to-beat-the-cops videos. He comes off as more of a huckster than a principled whistle-blower, which I think does the good ideas he stands for (police reform) more harm than good. But damn... I have to hand it to him. This might be one [...]

Amarok 2 Beta 2

Sneak preview of Amarok 2.0 excuse the horrible music selection.

Skip to the Best Part of a YouTube Video

Skip to the Best Part of a YouTube Video

You already know that with a little URL-hacking, you can skip to a certain time in YouTube clip embedded on your blog. Now you can do the same within the comments on a clip at the YouTube site. The TechCrunch blog describes how: To specify a point, append a tag to the end of your video link with the following syntax: “#t=1m45s” (you can [...]

Pittsburgh sports fans need only apply… The Legend of Deuce Skurcenski trailer

Pittsburgh sports fans need only apply… The Legend of Deuce Skurcenski trailer

Deuce is premiering next month on 2 separate occasions... The $5.00 Haircut, featuring Deuce Skurcenski, after the jump... (more…)

West Virginia “Vote Flipping” Caught on Tape

Video the Vote went to Jackson County, WV, in response to numerous reports of machine vote flipping. The local county clerk showed us the machines in question, but the demonstration left us with serious questions, as the machine continued to malfunction even after it was calibrated. (more…)

How Bars Can Use Microsoft Surface Tables to Get You Drunk Faster

It’s a well known fact, the perfect time for bar staff to offer a new drink to their customers is when their glass is almost empty. So to help bar owners who have a surface table inside their establishment, Microsoft is currently working on experimental “Surfaceware” that can detect how much liquid remains inside [...]

Driver of damaged car pretends nothing is wrong

When my car acts up, I try to ignore it, hoping it will fix itself. (and it sometimes does!) The driver of this car shares my sense of optimism in spades. I hope it works out for him...

HOWTO: Make Cocaine

Interesting video of jungle based cocaine factory.

Al-Jazeera Reports At A Sarah Palin Rally In Rural Ohio

Holy shit, this is intense. It takes Al Jazeera to do some real journalism in the US. Kinda makes you wonder if American media institutions get stuff like this on tape all the time, but "filter it out" before it makes to to the end-consumer. (more…)

“I’ll create a GUI interface in Visual Basic, see if I can track an IP address.”

It was so painful to watch I actually stopped breathing for a moment... Ugh.

John McCain gets hacked (read: rick-rolled) by Barack Obama

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch (Oct. 23, 1960 - July 25, 2008) gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving presentation, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal [...]

“They’re lying. Diebold is lying. There is no system electronic in the world that cannot be hacked. I’ve spent my entire life building or hacking electronic systems.”

The whole thing baffles me... What's the benefit of electronic voting machines? It's convenience, and speed of tabulation. We (at least our media) are obsessed with having results the night of the election and having it over with. All so that the news networks can donate an entire day to watching the results come in and announce it that night [...]

Lawrence Lessig on the coming “i-Patriot Act”

Lawrence Lessig, a respected Law Professor from Stanford University told an audience at this years Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Half Moon Bay, California, that “There’s going to be an i-9/11 event” which will act as a catalyst for a radical reworking of the law pertaining to the Internet.Lessig also revealed [...]

What your IT guys are really doing

In Praise of the Fifth Ammendment Right to Not Be a Witness Against Yourself

A law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. In part 2 an experienced police officer tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. Part 2 after he jump... (more…)

Server Room In A Rain Shower

Whoever decided to put the server room there is an idiot.

HOWTO: Change the mood of any user on Facebook who has the Moods application installed

This "hack" has already been patched but the method is still useful to any good script kiddie. In fact, it's barely a "hack." You are only modifying the information being sent to a 3rd party that is used within a Facebook application. LOL. Personally, I don't want to be responsible for putting someone in a bad mood.

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