| Thursday May 26th 2016

Comcast/NBC: Every media mega-merger needs a cautionary infographic

Comcast merger facts

WASHINGTON — In response to the Comcast-NBC merger announcement this morning, Free Press and the Consumer Federation of America released a new analysis showing why the deal poses a major threat to video competition that would seriously harm the public interest.

This whole debacle makes me wish I reconsidered recently purchasing a home in a town where the only choice is Comcast, though it didn’t seem like a deciding factor at the time. What can an individual do to get competition in his town? Write the mayor/local politicians? Write potential competitor cable/internet companies (WOW!, for instance, who I had in the neighboring town before I moved)?

If I may state a few points…

  1. Revenue does not equal profits
  2. How does this yield a greater cost to consumers?
  3. How is it possible for Comcast to prioritize NBC content?
  4. How does this change the number of companies that controls content? Comcast did not provide content before the merger…


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