| Sunday May 29th 2016

EFF launches Hall of Shame for copyright abusers

Today, EFF is launching our new ‘Takedown Hall of Shame’ project, which collects the worst and most shameful examples of bogus DMCA takedowns. We’ve got everything from the recent Ralph Lauren takedown to Michael Savage’s attempts to silence critics to a video NPR tried to remove just last week!

“Free speech in the 21st century often depends on incorporating video clips and other content from various sources,” explained EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne McSherry. “It’s what The Daily Show with Jon Stewart does every night. EFF Takedown Hall of ShameThis is ‘fair use’ of copyrighted or trademarked material and protected under U.S. law. But that hasn’t stopped thin-skinned corporations and others from abusing the legal system to get these new works removed from the Internet. We wanted to document this censorship for all to see.”EFF’s Takedown Hall of Shame at www.eff.org/takedowns focuses on the most egregious examples of takedown abuse, including an example of a YouTube video National Public Radio tried to remove just this week that criticizes same-sex marriage. Other Hall of Shame honorees include NBC for requesting removal of an Obama campaign video and CBS for targeting a McCain campaign video in the critical months before the 2008 election. The Hall of Shame will be updated regularly, as bad takedowns continue to squash free speech rights of artists, critics, and commentators big and small.


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