| Wednesday May 25th 2016

OpenWRT $200,000 cash prize for open source router GUI web interface

When you realize that developing a full firmware for a wireless router usually costs upwards of a million dollars it makes sense that they’re offering this kind of cash. This also assumes you’ve already got a code base and you’re just porting it. So they’re basically getting a code base which would cost them over a million dollars to build, and will be actively maintained. It’s an awesome business plan.

Open WRT ChallengeAnnouncing Ubiquiti’s RouterStation User Interface/Firmware Challenge!
In an effort to enrich and contribute to the open-source community, Ubiquiti Networks is offering $200,000 in cash prizes for developers who provide the most impressive User Interface/Firmware for Ubiquiti’s newly released open-source embedded wireless platform, the RouterStation.

How to Enter
First, read the Official Rules and Technical Requirements. Next, fill out the Registration Form. Contest opens December 17, 2008 and ends August 17, 2009.


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