| Tuesday May 31st 2016

UV or Not UV? Tan Tax has some burning

woman tanningI see this as a vanity tax, same as people spending more on Apple products.It’s sad that vanity is a bigger deal than a tight budget, enough so that they spend the little money they have going to salons when they can lie in their back yards.

She just likes a good tan, and because of a provision in the bill that puts a 10% additional tax on tanning salon fees, her sessions are probably going to cost her more.

“I’m angry. I’m really disappointed by all this,” said McNeill, 51, waiting for a tanning bed at the Tanning Club in Westwood. “It just feels like we’re being taxed for everything nowadays.”

She was not just thinking of herself. McNeill is a sorority house mom at Gamma Phi Beta at UCLA.

“A lot of my girls tan, most of them, and they don’t have a lot of extra money,” she said. “They’re students, most students live on a tight budget.”


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