| Monday May 30th 2016

Apple Bans “Android” from App Store Descriptions

Apple has a fairly infamous track record when it comes to the language it allows in its App Store. Words like “boobs” and “booty” are out. Now “Android” is apparently the latest in a long line of deadly words. According to one developer, Apple has requested that the name of Google’s mobile operating system be removed for an app description.

The original preview for Tim Novikof”s Flash of Genius SAT flashcard app mentioned that it had been a “finalist in Google’s Android Developer’s [sic] Challenge.”

So, what’s the problem here? Does Apple think that people might be confused by the mere mention of Android? Nope, Apple’s request simply stated that “providing future platform compatibility plans or other general platform references are not relevant in the context of the iPhone App Store.”


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  1. Jimmy Burnett says:

    Apple waves the ban hammer again, this time banning an education app because the app used the word “android” in it’s decription. The guy was simply trying to explain in his app description that the app did good in an android apps competition so that people would try it out. Apple’s communistic approach continues.

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