| Thursday May 26th 2016

RIAA/MPAA hit men private enforcement site indexed by Google

Techdirt are reporting that the data collection systems ued by BayTSP (the company appointed by the RIAA and MPAA to deal with p2p infringers) is wide-open. RIAA LogoThanks to BayTSP’s inability to write a robots.txt file, Google has indexed just about every page on their server. You can get a good idea of the kinds of things that the company are sending C&Ds for, including items like this which are neither movies nor music. Techdirt suggest that this information might be used by phishers seeking to impersonate BayTSP, however a more obvious notion is that it could be used by law-firms who want to know the names of everybody that BayTSP has threatened. A smart lawyer could make a great deal of money from a class-action.

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