| Sunday May 29th 2016

Google+ is Awesome. Facebook Maimed, Twitter Mortally Wounded?

Facebook vs Google+A lot of people are joining because it’s “new” and it’s the “in thing” for the hipsters to have a Google+ invite, but let’s wait a bit and see if it has any staying power, shall we?

Anyone remember Google Wave? Yeah, that was hot for a few minutes once, too.

I’ve spent the last week playing with the new Google+, and I´m here to tell you the service is pretty damn awesome. Dozens of Silicon Valley startups, especially social behemoths Facebook and Twitter, must have had some pretty fun meetings over the last several days. The title of the meetings: how the f*ck are we going to defend ourselves against this incredibly daunting offensive from the big G? I´m not sure if they can.


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