| Tuesday May 24th 2016

18-Year-Old Says He Hacked Comcast Because He’s “Tired Of Their Shitty Service”

Comcast sucks

Here’s a technique we’ll not be adding to our list of fun ways to escalate your complaint: The 18-year-old who recently hacked Comcast.net and took down the company’s homepage and webmail told Wired that it was Comcast’s own fault… The hacker, known as EBK, called Comcast to let them know they’d been hacked. The manager scoffed and hung up:

“If he wasn’t such a prick, he could have avoided all of that,” says EBK. “I wasn’t even really thinking. Plus, I’m just so mad at Comcast. I’m tired of their shitty service.”

and the best quote ever…

EBK slept for an hour Wednesday night; Defiant for 20 minutes. Even as the attack was in progress, the hackers began to feel the weight of their actions. Both say they’ve been raided by law enforcement before. “I slept in my clothes, because the last time they came, I was in my underwear with my dong hanging out and shit,” says Defiant.


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