| Monday May 30th 2016

Hacker finds iOS 4.1 bootrom vulnerability that can jailbreak all current hardware

Yesterday’s release of iOS 4.1 was good news for iPhone gamers and iPhone 3G owners who had performance issues post-4.0, but bad news for jailbreakers, with the Dev Team themselves warning users not to upgrade to 4.1 as there was no known way to reverse the baseband post-update.

iPhone jailbreakAs usual, though, what’s true in the cat-and-mouse jailbreaking scene one day is not true the other, and now there’s good news for jailbreakers, at least in theory. iPhone hacker pod2g has revealed on Twitter that he has successfully discovered a new bootrom exploit, and even better: all the new iOS hardware including the iPhone 4 and new iPod Touch is vulnerable to it.

The good news here is that means that Apple would be powerless to patch this vulnerability through software, since its a hardware issue… but that won’t necessarily stop them from patching up the issue at the factory for any hardware that comes down the line in coming months.

So, in theory, the Dev Team should be able to use this to jailbreak any iPod Touches and iPhone 4s currently in the wild… but given Apple’s historic response to jailbreaking, don’t expect this vulnerability to last. If you want a new iPod Touch or iPhone 4, and if you want to jailbreak it, buy your device now… if you buy it in a few months, you may very well be out of luck.


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