| Thursday May 26th 2016

HOWTO: Reprogram Road Signs

road sign hacked zombies aheadDisclaimer: This “HOWTO” to posted for information only. These road signs are very common, are inherently insecure by design, and should be fixed. You should not tamper with these signs in any way, as someone might get hurt.

This is the ADDCO portable sign. Today, you see what is on the inside, and briefly how they are “programmed” to display important information to motorists…

1. The access panel on the sign is generally protected by a small lock, but often are left unprotected. Upon opening the access panel you can see the display electronics.

road sign controls access box

2. The black control pad is attached by a curly cord, with a keyboard on the face.

road sign control pad

3. Programming is as simple as scrolling down the menu selection to “Instant Text”. Type whatever you want to display, Hit Enter to submit. You can now either throw it up on the sign by selecting “Run w/out save” or you can add more pages to it by selecting “Add page”

Should it will ask you for a password. Try “DOTS” the default password.

In all likelihood, the crew will not have changed it. However, if they did, never fear. Hold “Control” and “Shift” and while holding, enter “DIPY”. This will reset the sign and reset the password to “DOTS” in the process.

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