| Friday May 27th 2016

Richard Stallman: The actions against MasterCard and Amazon are not “hacking.” People are just finding a way to protest in a digital space, the internet equivalent of a mass demonstration

I fully expect Stallman probably has thrown out his master card visa, and paypal account, if he had any of these to begin with.

In open source matters, Stallman is the the religious equivalent of an ascetic with a vow of closed source celibacy. To the extent that I doubt the man even owns a microwave.4chan Wikileaks supporters

Whether or not you believe with his principles, he certainly is a man who acts strongly on them.

Calling these protests DDoS, or distributed denial of service, attacks is misleading, too. A DDoS attack is done with thousands of “zombie” computers. Typically, somebody breaks the security of those computers (often with a virus) and takes remote control of them, then rigs them up as a “botnet” to do in unison whatever he directs (in this case, to overload a server). The Anonymous protesters’ computers are not zombies; presumably they are being individually operated.


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