| Tuesday May 31st 2016

HOWTO: Use The Private Photobucket Exploit

Photobucket.comHere’s a quick little (albeit limited) HOW TO using the mobile Photobucket pages. If you want to see the pics in, say, “test”s album, you have to start with a filename you already know is in the album, say, pic074.jpg. The universal URL is:


you then insert the album username and image filename into this address (in place of the asterisks)


By hitting Prev or Next you can see all the pics in the album. To see the full sized pic you’ll have to take the filename and tag it onto the end of the regular Photobucket URL, like this:


The key is to make sure you leave that .html? after the .jpg (or .gif or .png) at the end, after the name of the pic in the bucket. This also works for sub-albums, however you must know the name of the sub-album and at least one filename in the sub-album. Gotta love passive security.

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5 Responses to “HOWTO: Use The Private Photobucket Exploit”

  1. devin says:

    its fixed no need to try this one its patched

  2. bucketcracker says:

    This guy will take requests and crack the buckets for you and he is legit just visit his websites.

  3. boogedy says:

    I was actually in the middle of using this one when it got patched… Ahh well it was good for 2 days.

  4. karl moreno says:

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