| Monday May 30th 2016

Dude pays $88 tow bill with 8800 pennies. Policed get involved when refused.

Paying a towing ticket is no big deal, but the unusual way one Tallahassee teen paid the ticket is grabbing him *lots* of attention on-line.

18-year-old Jordan Renken walked home last Thursday night (July 23rd) after his car was towed.

The next day, he called his friends to bring their video cameras to capture him paying the fine.

When he brought in 8-thousand 8-hundred pennies to pay it off, the towing company was not happy and nearly didn’t accept.

“It was kind of like disbelief. Like wow, this guy is a complete moron. He’s kind of cute though, but he’s paying in all pennies. So I was just kind of like, well. It sucks you’re working here at this time but, I mean, your company did tow me,” said Jordan Renken.

The towing company declined to comment.

Renken says, in the future, he will avoid being towed at all costs.

Please click on the link in the “Related Links” section to view the entire home video or Renken paying the ticket.


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