| Tuesday May 24th 2016

/b/ holds Soulja Boy’s Myspace account ransom

A 4channer had Soulja Boy’s Myspace account held ransom for $2500 earlier today (perhaps last night too). This could have been epic but Soulja Boy contacted Myspace and got the account back. Now he’s offering $10,000 for the name of the “hacker” to anyone willing to snitch.

What was his password you ask?


Soulja Boy and his groupies speak after the jump…

EDIT: I didn’t watch the Youtube vid until after I made the post. Upon further review, there is no more $10,000 reward. Soulja Boy claims that he “got the guy” who did it and now is planning on doing “something” with him. He said he will make a video update about it soon. lulz.


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