| Friday May 27th 2016

Adobe has issued a DMCA removal request for rtmpdump

I’ve just found out today that the author of rtmpdump has received a DMCA removal request via Sourceforge for rtmpdump which was hosted by them.Adobe Acrobat logo This is rather curious since Adobe publicly and officially announced earlier this year that they will be releasing the specification of the RTMP protocol on its public developers site.

Get your copy now from the very many downloads available on the internet. Looks like Adobe will have their work cut out for them given the sheer number of sites that host this software globally. There is no doubt that this highly dangerous piece of code will also turn up on many bittorrent trackers and file download sites.

Maybe Adobe should try to understand that if you publicly hand out the decryption keys for the streamed media that you have encrypted then trying to prevent the decryption of such data is somewhat futile. This is really just an elaborate obfuscation technique that the big media bosses clearly believe works.

Adobe, as you probably know, has a history of restricting open interoperability and free speech. Remember the Dimitri Sklyarov case?

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  1. Macusr says:

    if their flash player would actually work well on mac …
    ie. play videos smoothly without 100% cpu usage…
    vlc and quicktime seem to have no trouble.

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