| Monday May 30th 2016

Banshee GNU music player for Linux turns 1.0

Banshee Linux iTunes-like music playerI’m awfully excited to note (belatedly) that Banshee, the free and open source music player for Linux, turned 1.0 a couple weeks ago. When I first surveyed all the music players available for the girlfriend’s Linux laptop, Banshee looked the most promising, but it was still in a fairly unstable beta. Now that it’s finished, I’m happily importing all her playlists and music to Banshee. Basically, this does everything iTunes does… including video playback, podcasts, remembering last-played position for audiobooks, ripping and burning… and acts more or less just like iTunes. But there’s no DRM, it natively drives players other than the iPod. (it supports iPods too)

Banshee Project

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