| Monday May 30th 2016

Codeweavers Gives Away Premium Version of WINE, Today only!

Some background on the “bet” from the Star Tribune

Codeweavers logoIn July, St. Paul software developer CodeWeavers came up with the gimmick to make its products available free for a day if any one of five positive (but seemingly unlikely at the time) things happened during Bush’s last six months in office: gas drops to $2.79 a gallon, milk drops to $3.50 a gallon, U.S. jobs exceed 138 million, the Twin Cities median home price returns to $233,000 or Osama bin Laden is captured.

When CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White saw that gas was $2.79 a gallon during a recent fill-up, “I screamed, ‘Woohoo!’ Then I yelled, ‘Oh, crap!’ as I realized every American can now have my software for free — kind of upsets my fourth-quarter revenue projections,” he said.

So on Tuesday, all of CodeWeavers products, which allow Mac and Linux users to run Windows applications, can be downloaded for free — instead of $40 each — at the company’s website.

In case you’re curious of what CrossOver offers that Wine doesn’t?

Wine is essentially an implementation of the windows APIs while Crossover takes it a step further and adds some administration code and is able to target specific programs of interest better, (e.g. MS Office). Wine is pretty much at the whim of whatever developer feels like getting some software running and Crossover has customers paying for specific support. Crossover employs wine developers as well as contributes to the open source codebase. Here is their actively supported list

Lame Duck Challenge Free Offer

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