| Tuesday May 31st 2016

GIMP 2.7 has a single window mode

For those living under a rock, GIMP is an awesome open source image editor but one of the things that people found really annoying about GIMP in the past was that it doesn’t come in a single window. WilberIt has 2 or 3 separate windows which makes it hard for people to move it around and in my opinion it doesn’t look very professional and streamlined but thankfully that is going to change because the newest version GIMP, 2.7 and which is currently in beta has a “single window mode” which allows you to put GIMP into one single window.The “single window mode” option will be available under the “windows” menu

This is a great improvement and it certainly will be appreciated by GIMP users. However if you are like me you probably don’t want to wait until the final release comes out right? So for all those GIMPers using windows, you guys can download GIMP 2.7 here.

If you are using Ubuntu, you have add the PPA to your Ubuntu software sources. The PPA is located here.

Unfortunately GIMP 2.7 beta is not available for Mac, so Mac users have to wait until the final release comes out.

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