| Saturday May 28th 2016

Goosh: The Unofficial Google Shell

goosh.org screen capture

The first thing I typed was

uname -a

and I didn’t know what to expect…

I should of guessed search results. Piping seems to work

uname -a | grep command

Then later I realized actually it didn’t. It just searches for uname, grep and command.

Since the line starts /web> I thought I could change to image search like this:

cd images

That gave me search results about images and CDs. anything you type seems to be a result.

I typed


and that ACTUALLY did something. the command


also seems to clear the screen but apart from those things (and the more command, which doesn’t work like UNIX’s more command), only the output on screen resembles a command line. Not the input.

Goosh looks good… Although it’s somewhat ironic that they’re using all this fancy ajaxy stuff to take us back to the nice, comfortable 70s. Feature request: automatically resize browser window to 80×24, God’s True Terminal Size.


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