| Saturday May 28th 2016

HOWTO: Grammar Check For Open Office

So you are trying to drop that MS Office habit but find yourself struggling thanks in part to features missing from Open Office (Oo) such as a solid grammar check feature. As it turns out, there is a solution for Oo users looking for this kind of functionality, be it about as ‘craptacular’ as the one for MS Office.

The problem is that grammar checkers in any form are a half-hearted solution to a larger problem. Another thing to consider is that the grammar check offered in this article does not underline mistakes as they do with misspelled words. This is due largely to the fact that this is an add-on rather part of the Oo bundle.


  • Download the plugin, likely to your /home folder for an easy find later.
  • Open Office Write, go to Tools, look for Extensions manager toward the bottom of the list.
  • Choose ‘Add’, then browse to your home folder, select the unzipped folder with the plugin it in. So yeah, do not unzip the downloaded plugin.
  • Close Write then restart it. Look for ‘LT’ with a red squiggly line under it floating around or embedded into the toolbar.
  • Test it out by typing; “Its a good opportunity.” Then click on the button represented with the ‘LT’ letters. That’s it!

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