| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Hannah Montana Linux

Yay for combining two things that should never, ever, meet…

Hannah Montana LinuxMeet Hannah Montana Linux or HML for short:
HML is a new Operating System based on Linux Kernel & Kubuntu . For those of you who are reading this and do not know what a Operating System is let me explain a Operating System is basically what turn a computer from a useless piece of metal and wires in to a usable workable system with out it you computer could not do anything so HML is like BSD Windows and Mac OS X .

So your Probably Wondering what`s the difference between Hannah Montana Linux and Windows and Mac OS X well here are some of the differences…

  1. Hannah Montana Linux can`t get viruses so you could say its virus proof.
  2. Hannah Montana Linux is Free as in you do not have to pay for it and that you can change anything you don`t like the code is all open so its called open source.
  3. Don’t you hate looking around the internet to find software like on Windows and Mac OS X not on Hannah Montana Linux well you can do it like that if you wanted to but on Hannah Montana Linux you have a Package manager so you can type in what you want or just browse then just check mark and click apply now is`t that nice also you have about 50,000 pieces of free software and a lot more software that cost money plus you can use Windows software if you install wine.

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