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HOWTO: Play Pandora streaming radio in Linux

UPDATE: Adobe Air for Linux is out of beta and can be installed much easier now. Read the updated post here.

Linux standalone Pandora air clientWhile I really wanted to play my custom Pandora.com streaming radio in Amarok, I have found a better (and more official) option for Linux users that hate keeping a browser tab/window open for Pandora to keep playing. The following instructions are universal for GNU/Linux. I tested this in Fedora 9 and Debian 4.0 R4A, so there is no reason why this shouldn’t work in Ubuntu, SuSE, or any other Linux distribution.

The nice people at Pandora have made an Adobe Air based standalone client for their music player. It can be found here.

First step, they want you go to http://get.adobe.com/air and download the Air client… Big problem: the Linux version is still in Alpha and “Linux is not supported”…

Linux standalone Pandora air client

After some Googling, I found the Alpha/Beta of the Pandora Air client at http://labs.adobe.com/. Simply download this .bin file and type chmod +x adobeair_linux_b1_091508.bin in a console window to make it executable. Then type ./adobeair_linux_b1_091508.bin to run the install for the application.

Linux standalone Pandora air client

Then you may complete Step 2 on the Pandora Air page but downloading and running the Pandora_v1.air file

Linux standalone Pandora air client

Finally you have a nice “P” icon on your desktop and when you run it you have a standalone Pandora window that minimizes itself to your taskbar and automatically inherits your Pandora login info from Firefox

Linux standalone Pandora air client

Now you may finally close that extra browser tab/window. Remember the Adobe Air client is Alpha, which means it’s presumably unstable. You’ve been warned. Although mine has worked fine for days. Cheers!

Linux standalone Pandora air client

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  1. Tom says:

    I tried following these steps on SUSE Linux 10 SP2 10.2 – 0, but I keep getting the following error when trying to run the file, after making it executable (the filename has changed on the site):

    Application crashed with an unhandled SIGSEGV
    Crashlog has been dumped in /tmp/airCrashLogs/1016_1408_qvr228

    Now what?

  2. Alclad Coset says:

    There is obviously a great deal to know about this. I believe you made some very good points in Features also.

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