| Friday May 27th 2016

Linux Everywhere

linux boot in an airplane
This reminds me of a couple stories…

I was on a trans-Atlantic flight when some of the screens stopped showing the films, so the flight attendant rebooted the section having the trouble. While it rebooted there were little penguins on all the screens… a grin inducing moment. Not to mention, the special effects of the Harry Potter franchise films having also been created by The Moving Picture Company entirely on Linux workstations (Fedora at the time, now CentOS).

I was in an airport somewhere in Europe and a multiscreen LCD wall advertisement was showing an error message on a Windows system desktop… a bad advertisement for Microsoft if you ask me. Well, I have a hobby of collecting BSODs and Windows error images on my phone in public areas like airports. Yes, I spend too much time traveling. I enjoy it because it puts the common “Windows is buggy and unstable” idea into the airport where they try so hard to present “security and safety” ideas.

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  1. Rob Belics says:

    I worked at Pixar and Silicon Graphics (of Jurassic Park and many others). Linux/Unix/BSD are widely used in the film industry, particularly special effects.

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