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Linux Kernel 2.6.28 Released

Below is a message posted by Linus. As usual, Kernel Newbies has the changelog.

Date	Wed, 24 Dec 2008 15:52:49 -0800 (PST)
From	Linus Torvalds
Subject	Happy v2.6.28

It doesn't really matter what day it is, or what holiday (if any) you're
celebrating, because even if you sit at home, alone in your dank basement,
without any holidays or friends, I bring you a tiding of great cheer: you
can now download Linux-2.6.28, and compile it to your hearts content!

Listen to the cheerful grinding of your harddisk as you reboot into an
all-new kernel - and I'm sure that if your computer could smile, it would
have a big silly grin on its non-existent face. So as you sit there in
your basement, give your computer the holiday cheer too.

In fact, even _if_ you have friends or family, leave them to their endless
toil over that christmas ham or turkey, and during the night, when they're
asleep, you can give them that magical present of a newly updated
computer. When they wake up tomorrow morning, tell them how you saw Santa
crawl down the chimney with his USB stick in hand, updating the OS of all
good boys and girls.

Ho, ho, ho,

Linus "almost Santa" Torvalds


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