| Tuesday May 24th 2016

More copies of World of Goo sold when GNU/Linux version was released than any other day

I just noticed a small update on the 2D Boy’s announcement of the GNU/Linux version for World of Goo.

World of GooUpdate 4: It’s only been 2 days since the release of the Linux version and it already accounts for 4.6% of the full downloads from our website. Our thanks to everyone who’s playing the game on Linux and spreading the word. Here are a couple of nifty stats:

  • About 12% of Linux downloads are of the .rpm package, 30% are of the .tar.gz package, and 57% are of the .deb package.
  • More copies of the game were sold via our website on the day the Linux version released than any other day. This day beat the previous record by 40%. There is a market for Linux games after all

This is the kind of update that deserves its own post just to make this heard. It is excellent news and I believe sends out quite a strong message to anyone who is paying attention.

I’m quite excited to see how much of the total pie the GNU/Linux versions will grab. We have already passed an amazing threshold where 1% of the OS market (or so we’re told) has managed to buy the game almost 5 times as much. Here’s to reaching 10% and beyond.

Its also very nice to have some conclusive evidence to show to contradict the myth that Linux users are cheap and won’t pay for anything.

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