| Tuesday May 24th 2016

OpenOffice 3 has PDF import, native Aqua UI


There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently after it was announced that OpenOffice 3 was due in September. It seems, however, most people still aren’t aware of what’s in store.

We love OpenOffice.org, hereby referred to as OpenOffice like normal people do. We like the fact it does pretty much everything we need for free, we like the out-of-the box PDF and Flash support, its better-than-Word ability to work with large documents, and the joys of using a standard file format that’s actually, you know, a standard.

But the Openpoffice.org website is a rather scary place. We managed to find this conference presentation lurking in the shadows before running away in fear of mid 90’s web design. Follow the link below for more info.

This part made  me laugh:

“Support for MS Office 2007 XML. Microsoft confusingly calls this ‘Office Open XML’. We call it Stop Naming Your Unstable Undocumented Shitty Format To Sounds Like Ours Thanks.”


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