| Sunday May 29th 2016

Oracle says they are committed to keeping Java open and to not killing MySQL

President Charles Phillips and chief corporate architect Edward Screven have committed to keeping Java open and to not killing MySQL. They also mocked the idea Oracle would simply shut down or close off certain technologies and talked tough on Oracle’s smarts as a hardware vendor.

Sun OracleOracle will not kill Java. If there is one company on this Earth that needs Java it is Oracle. They are heavily invested in it!

…and MySQL is not going anywhere. Among the projects from Sun, MySQL is one of the few that actually makes money. And whoever believes that MySQL competes with Oracle databases is completely detached from the realities of the respective capabilities of the different database products. Nobody will use Oracle as a database for a trivial web app. Nobody will use MySQL for a bank.

The projects that I worry about are the projects that don’t give Sun any cash like OO.org.


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