| Friday May 27th 2016

Red Hat Launches Red Hot Fedora 9

Fedora Linux 9Red Hat’s Fedora Project launched today the new Fedora 9. The new version offers users of the Linux Operating System a whole new set of features, including the KDE 4 desktop environment which represents the system’s main characteristic.

Fedora is a Red Hat Package Manager – based, general purpose Linux distribution with several objectives, including the developer’s wish for its product to contain free and open source software and also to be on the leading edge of such technologies.

The new product allows users with a 1-GB or 2-GB memory stick to move around their desktop, transferring it on any common x86 instruction set hardware.

Fedora project leader Paul Frields said the new ability to transport desktops opens up a wide variety of options for users and also device manufacturers. The idea to create such a feature came from the company’s goal to produce a set of “low-heat-producing, low-power-consuming mobile devices that could run off a USB key,” as quoted by InformationWeek.

Another good addition for Fedora 9 is called PackageKit and works as a universal frontend for package management. Some features introduced with Fedora 8, such as the PulseAudio sound server and the PolicyKit secure privilege escalation system, have returned in a better integrated and a more complete way. Also, the Nodoka theme, appears cleaner and feels more polished.

Fedora 9’s installation disc images are available for download through BitTorrent.

Fedora is one of the several Linux alternatives available, other popular versions include Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


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