| Saturday May 28th 2016

Samba with Active Directory: getting closer!

In the video, Tridge demonstrates provisioning an Active Directory domain on a Samba server, running a development version of Samba from shortly before Samba 4 alpha 11. Once the Samba server is running, he then starts a copy of Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 Standard as a guest under VirtualBox, and runs the Windows “dcpromo” command to have it join the domain as a domain controller.

A few clicks and entries in the “Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard” later, the Windows box is ready to reboot and come up as part of the domain originally created on Samba. It takes about 30 seconds to synchronize key information for the newly-created domain. This step might take hours on a larger, longer-running domain.

Samba 4 has a few limitations, compared to a Windows AD server. There is only one domain per forest, and only one site per domain, but Tridge says that removing those limitations are near-future priority tasks. Windows administrators, like sysadmins everywhere, fall all over the “lumpers” vs. “splitters” spectrum, and anyone but extreme lumpers with simple configurations will need the ability to define separate domains, for departments and roles, and separate sites, for physical locations.


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