| Sunday May 29th 2016

Tempers Flare as Recession Creeps into Tech Industry

linux tux logoI don’t believe this guy for a second. Whenever people make up BS stories like this (and I’ve read quite a few from this guy’s blog), they always cast themselves as some kind of fighting expert.

“I am the only one of the two that did not involuntarily leave his feet that day. A small crowd had semi-gathered to watch the show but it was over as quickly as it began.”

Give me a break… Amusing, none-the-less…

I was pumping gas into my vehicle when the guy next to me looked over and commented on the number of computers in the back of my SUV. I of course, mentioned that I owned a business in the tech industry. I explained to him that I was also a Director of a charity that provided computers to disadvantaged kids. He seemed truly interested and while I didn’t have any business cards with me, I gave him our website and blog address. I excused myself as I walked toward the store to pick up some other things before leaving the station. I fully expected him and his van to be gone when I returned.

He wasn’t. It wasn’t.

We made contact just under the edge of the canopy. I say “we” made contact…the initial contact was his right index finger stabbing into my chest.

“It’s ___ ___ hippy freaks like you that are costing us our jobs. You got any idea how many people are getting pink slips because of your b___? Every time you put that ___ on someone’s computer, some guy trying to feed his family has to go home and tell his wife that he lost his job. How about I snatch that silly little ponytail and give you a tour of the parking lot?”


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