| Wednesday May 25th 2016

Empathy will replace Pidgin and Ekiga in Ubuntu Karmic

Silly me… I had heard that Empathy was discussed at UDS, but i didn’t realize that, as pointed out on the forum thread, the decision had already been made to include Empathy instead of Pidgin and Ekiga in Ubuntu Karmic 9.10. This is great! Ubuntu Linux: Very friendly circle of friendsKarmic will be shipping with Empathy so that testing and fixing can be done, and if it’s not satisfactory, it can be pulled for the final release.

The discussion so far has been people arguing about why they prefer Empathy or Pidgin, but at UDS it was already decided that Empathy would ship with Karmic. I humbly request that we all stop bickering about any problems we may currently have with it, and start testing it and filing bug reports so that it will ready for Karmic. I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming Hug Day for Empathy on June 18th. Fourteen pages of discussion about the current state of things does nothing.

The consensus is that Empathy, by using the Telepathy framework and integrating with the GNOME desktop, is superior to Pidgin and should be included with Ubuntu by default eventually. Almost everyone who opposes it does so on the grounds that some bugs make it premature for such a thing to happen in Karmic, but since Karmic already has so many other major changes planned anyways and Karmic +1 will be an LTS, the decision has already been made for us. So let’s make the best of it!

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2 Responses to “Empathy will replace Pidgin and Ekiga in Ubuntu Karmic”

  1. Maki says:

    The question, for those of us out of the loop, is what Empathy is.

    ..and personally I would like to know if the OTR plugin is available for it.

    ..and if it will be backported to those of us who detest KDE 4 and still use KDE 3.5.

    A link to Empathy’s project page would’ve helped in this particular case.

  2. Leon Michavd says:

    Is this going to be the Blackhawk’s year for the Cup? Stay tuned; this playoff year is fantastic!

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