| Thursday May 26th 2016

Windows Games Run Faster on Linux than on Windows Vista

WINE is an implementation of the Win32 API on Linux/GNU, so that you can run programs written for Windows on your Linux installation. It normally reeks of office applications, spreadsheets and polka-dotted ties. Cedega, then, is a commercial version of WINE optimized for games. It runs a larger library of Windows games than plain WINE can. Linux gamingSo far, so good, right? Now, common sense might dictate that the games should run slower in WINE or Cedega, because those things are busy translating the Windows-nonsense the games speak into something that Linux can understand, and that surely costs performance, no?

Common sense is wrong. These benchmarks say that Linux with Cedega or WINE runs the tested games 33 – 40% faster than Windows Vista. 40%! That’s not just the fraction of fps that the hardcore crowd lusts for, that’s a significant number.

So the best modern platform to play Windows games on is not Windows but Linux? Though this shows the great effort people have put into the WINE project, these games still take away your freedom so you can’t legally share them with your best friends or modify them. That’s why we need alternatives!

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